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Various other bug fixes and performance improvements. Minor stability improvements. The app now fully supports Pandora 5. Working on a fix for this. Fixed a problem where the app would slow down over time as downloads hogged all the RAM. Fixed a problem where the app could hang when you pressed the edit button for those of you with thousands of songs by adding a dedicated editing controller.

Blackyamamoto Yes, we want to include numerous bug fixes in that update, so it's taking a little longer than we had hoped. Deviati0n Thanks for the feedback, what version of libstatusbar are you using? Is anybody able to boot their device on iOS 9 with libstatusbar installed, when PD isn't installed? It might just be an issue on their end. Our test devices aren't booting with it. For anyone having boot issues, these seem to occur when libstatusbar is installed alongside Pandora Downloader. We're working on an update. DodgerFaces Yes, the app hasn't changed but the Pandora tweak has.

What device are you using? We'll look into it further. Has PD caused similar problems on the iPad Air? It should work with older versions of Songza orbicos As you know, the Songza Downloader hasn't been updated in a while. Should be fixed soon. The library it depends on may not be updated for iOS 9 yet.

We'll look into this. We plan on recompiling our older software for iOS 9 soon. Pandora Downloader 3. Luigiany90 Yes, it's the Pandora plugin that was updated, not the app. What to do?

Tweaks compatibles con iOS 9

Saif February 17, Kallis Pereira February 16, Bioprotect x is a paid app. Stefan February 16, Thanks for the info and the links! You need to put those files in the matching folder on your filesystem. February 16, Guy February 15, Super Saiyan February 15, Circleicons work very well. MeYou February 15, Amir February 15, Whats the user name and password for CCMusicArtwork?

I will upload a new link. Super Saiyan February 14, Do you have a link to get it?? Kallis Pereira February 13, Where do i copy the files of lockglyphx which are in usr after extracting the zip file. They go into the root usr folder. Kallis Pereira February 14, Copy that Lockglyph folder to ApplicationSupport. You need to transfer folders, not files. Valentino February 14, Person February 13, Valentino February 13, Can you update the link for iconoclasm.

How to Download Music for Free on IOS 9.2 - 9.3.3 (Jailbreak)

In settings it says that there was a error loading the preference bundels. Transfer the preferencebundle folder correctly. Valentino February 12, Can you link the iconoclasm download? LukeTheCydiaGuy February 12, I can add the link but I am not sure about its compatibility.

Is the Settings section not working? Saleh February 11, No idea when it will get released. Welcome to the jailbreak community, daemon. Try using cydiaupdates. Laens February 11, Super Saiyan February 10, Can you still link the download?

Download And Store Pandora Songs On iOS With PandoraJelly

Valentino February 10, Can you update the LockGlymph link? You just need to log in to Google. Valentino February 11, It says it has been deleted. I will update it in a minute. JB February 11, The LockGlyph link does not work. Super saiyan February 10, NudeKey is working now with libcolorpicker.

Martin February 10, Any informed answers welcome! Laens February 10, Ben K February 23, Do you have a link to the phenom? Chris February 9, Are you running a jailbreak? Chris February 10, Andrei Soriano February 6, Timnyce19 February 7, Hey do have the deb file for iprotect please if possible? Raunak February 17, You can download iProtect. Sami February 5, Sami February 9, Got it working by unjailbreaking.

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Martin February 5, Sami February 6, Martin February 7, Thomasis February 9, Kallis Pereira February 5, Does mimport work for ios11? If yes can you tell where to move the files to? As far as I know, no. Glen February 6, It works on my iphone 7 Put the libMimportWebServer. Eamon Mckiernan February 4, Fix plz? I would suggest removing it for now, a Cydia update is just around the corner. Try a hard reset.

SleiYah February 3, Does apple file conduit 2 work? Kallis Pereira February 3, Which tweak are you talking about? Matteo February 2, Matteo February 4, Ahmad Bhaiyat February 4, How do you know?? John February 2, Springtomize 4 works in the newer updates. Laens February 2, Joloxsa Xenax February 1, Aidan Young February 1, SleiYah February 1, Does JODebox work? GoutiB February 1, If yes , then please help on where to copy the contents? Jay February 1, You must be using a bogus tweak. Try removing the last tweak you installed.

Jay February 8, Josh February 1, Please add either Bridge or safari downloader plus. Please bro! Adaptive Apps. Is that a tweak? You need to copy the files in the tweak package to the same directory on your device. In the Applications folder on your device. J January 30, Valentino February 1, Naini January 30, When does this Site update the. As soon as the developers push an update. Samm January 30, Jasmeet Singh January 30, Mayush Tim January 31, David Oliveira January 30, Zeppelin has issues so wait for an update by the developer.

David Oliveira February 2, Thank you for your reply. Yes, I will do that. Hacker January 29, Can you pls provide the link for vWallpaper. Jasmeet Singh January 29, David Oliveira January 29, Please help out. Emirul January 29, How can I download cercube can someone please help me. Raunak January 29, Can you please tell me Forcy 3D touch tweak is compitable with electra? Not compatible yet. Raunak February 5, Any alternative of Forcy 3d touch? Smith January 28, Is there any way i can get igameguardian through electra jailbreak?

David January 28, Limitless January 28, Joloxsa Xenax January 28, Where does the littlebrothersupport. Which folder is it present in? Italo January 28, This file is it present in library. Little brother is having issues. Are you sure you want to install it?

Pandora Downloader iOS 11.1.2: Download Songs for Free on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Daniel January 27, Thomasis January 28, Yes it is. I have it installed too. Looks like a record button. Johnnysaico January 26, SeanAlba January 27, Saurabh Mandlik January 26, Kallis Pereira January 26, Brij January 26, Agreed but the host is probably a busy person.

Sources that have Pandora downloader

Samir January 26, Hey bro, If bridge tweak works please add it… and ty! Ayman January 25, Are you in jailbreak state? SeanAlb January 25, You need to move them to the root Library folder not the bootstrap one. Got it…Thanks again! Worked perfectly. Sujith Simon Ninan January 26, Yes, you need to send them to the root Library folder. Thazsar January 25, Laens January 25, Thanks for the tip, mate.

John C January 25, Hello there, do you know any tweak for pinned messages in iMessages. Kallis Pereira January 25, Some tweaks are missing preference files. Please update it.

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Saurabh Mandlik January 25, Sillah25cent January 24, How about slide to unlock iOS 6 and appsync. When i installed fluid enabler the iphone x bar,the white one in the bottom, is not there. Kamal January 24, Glen January 25, Go to your iphone settings. Kamal January 25, EqualizerEverywhere did not work I tried it. Thazsar January 24, ExchangePass10 MaskMuter Not working: Glen January 24, Audio recorder 2 says no license found No internet connection in the settings. Is anyone test Quickdo? Shet January 24, LittleBrother Tweak Pls.

Chris January 24, Do you know if they plan to update them or they just can be updated. Yes, they do intend to update them.

Moha January 24, Georgie January 24, Ddnmymusic has the wrong file. Thanks for the heads up. I have updated the link. Zooom3 January 24, Incompatible right now. Valentijn January 23, They are incompatible. Unknown January 23, Can you add CCMusicArtwork free deb file. SoMeOnE January 23, SoMeOnE January 25, Thomasis January 25, How about LocationHandle? Any word on that tweak? Fernando January 22, Any chance to verify and to have the TimeUntilAlarm tweak?

Thanks a ton! Valentino January 22, Can you add dont stop the party and which tweaks do you recommend?

Best Cydia Sources and Repos for iOS 11.3.1 Jailbreak

I recommend Eclipse X and FluidEnabler. Hacker January 22, Fingal not working. Please help me. Its work for me with no issues on my iX. admin