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How to Fix My Photo Stream Not Working in iOS 11 iPhone and iPad

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When you take a picture while My Photo Stream is turned on, the photo is uploaded to the cloud and then downloaded to your other devices. What is 'the cloud'? We hear it mentioned often these days, but it can still be confusing to those that don't know the jargon. The 'cloud' is just a fancy way of saying the Internet.

My Photo Stream

So when you hear ' iCloud ,' you can translate it to Apple's carved out portion of the Internet. More specifically, photos are uploaded to a server at Apple via the Internet and then downloaded to your other devices from this server. Instead of uploading every single photo taken, you can choose which photos to share to these private photo streams. This allows you to cherry pick the best photos and choose which friends and family can view those photos.

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My Photo Stream has a limitation of keeping only the most recent photos that were taken within the last 30 days up to a maximum of 1, photos. The shared photo stream doesn't have a time-based limitation, allowing you to share photos and keep them indefinitely.

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However, it does have a cap of 5, total photos. The shared photo stream has been rebranded as iCloud Photo Sharing.

What Is Photo Stream? - Mac Basics

Believe it or not, there is a method to Apple's madness. So while one might be the best solution for you, it may not be the right solution for everyone.

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It will also download photos to a Mac or Windows-based PC. But the biggest difference between the two services is that iCloud Photo Library keeps a full-sized copy in the cloud and doesn't have a specific maximum number of photos and videos. However, because it takes up part of your iCloud storage limit, you can reach your maximum allocation. Because iCloud Photo Library is stored on the web, you can also gain access to your photos through a web browser.

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  5. You can do this by going to iCloud. You can also choose to reduce the amount of storage the photos and videos take up on your device by optimizing the photos on your iPad or iPhone.

    Difference between Camera Roll and Photo Stream

    This keeps the full-sized photo on the server and a reduced-size version on your device. Here's where it gets really confusing.

    How does My Photo Stream work with iCloud Photo Library?

    So you can, in fact, use them both at the same time.