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As you slingshot the birds around various space-rocks, they're subject to the planets' gravity, adding an additional layer to the physics-based gameplay. Sometimes you'll be firing them through two or more planets' gravitational fields, requiring some sharp thinking. There are new birds, too. A blue, square Ice Bomb Bird freezes the scenery and pigs, setting them up to be smashed by the next projectile.

Meanwhile, the green Monster Bird is heavier than his peers, while the Super Red Bird has more of a grenade effect, triggered by tapping him. There is also a new power-up to replace the Mighty Eagle of previous game. Space Eagles can be triggered at any time, and see a giant bird batter through a wormhole to squash anything in their vicinity.

Download Angry Birds Space (Free) for Android

Angry Birds Space also includes five mini-games or "Eggsteroids" that nod towards older games: They're unlocked by blasting five golden eggs lurking in five of the main game's levels. The key thing about Angry Birds is that the original game didn't get popular through a juggernaut marketing campaign. Its original momentum came from genuine word-of-mouth buzz, because it was very fun to play and very, very addictive. That's still the case with Angry Birds Space. The swipe'n'tap controls remain simple and accessible, and the game walks the line between being too easy and too frustrating with aplomb.

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It's just right. Casual gamers will be able to unlock all 60 of the basic levels reasonably easily, even if they just get one star on each. Nailing three-star ratings on all will become an obsession for many players, as in the previous games. The Danger Zone levels also provide a decent challenge for more hardcore players. The gravitational fields and new birds add enough new elements to make Angry Birds Space not feel like a rehashing of the formula for people who've played some or all of the previous games, too. A lot of people will be playing Angry Birds Space on several devices: Frustratingly, they're not interoperable: If you tap back out to the game's homescreen on the iOS versions, you can look at your Game Center friends' scores.

  • Download Angry Birds Space (Free) for Android.
  • The Angry Birds travel through the Galaxy!
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Angry Birds on mobile may be a different beast to the separate Facebook version, which is built around social features like seeing your friends' scores as you complete levels. An additional benefit would have been connecting players of the game on different platforms: Angry Birds Space feels a bit short: That would be fairly hip of the space agency. It took me quite a long time to beat the first Angry Birds , but I beat Space in a day.

Sadly, there is no Windows Phone version in the works. Not yet. Share on Facebook Tweet this Share. U Deluxe review.

Bird flinging fun in the sun!

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Angry Birds Space - review

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