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Smart Website View: Automatically switch to Basic view in 2G network environment to get higher speed. Download Optimization: No downloading pause while answering calls or running in background for better experience.

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Dual Engine: Dual engines mode automatically switched for better page display. Key Features: Access to all multimedia features and mobile gaming experience from the web; 2- Engine upgraded: Among the standard forward, back and home buttons, ONE has a tab button, from where you can select which tab to close or switch to. There's also a menu button, which is very comfy to use if the real life touch menu button is hard to find.

From there you have access to everything else ONE has to offer. This also applies to the web pages themselves. Accessing the Downloads section also opens up a file browser with which you can navigate as with any file manager, delete files, review properties and open pictures, documents or other data formats. The Tools section has a few items.

Page Capture allows to crop an image from the current view or just get everything. Enabling No Image instructs the browser to refuse loading images on pages. Which brings me to a bit of criticism. Although keeping images away saves some bandwidth and traffic, it does not however speed up loading times.

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Pages simply do not load very fast with or without pictures. This is a shame because otherwise this browser feels top notch! I just love how ONE rearranges paragraphs.

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I use a small screen and that really is a necessity for a comfortable read. Night Mode is also eye-mending.

Feels like Firefox, just mobile

ONE Browser is a wonderful attempt at creating the ultimate mobile browser. And it almost manages to be one. Albeit for its not so stellar performance, it makes up in features and reliability. Free 8. The One If you have ever been tired of the plain old Android browser, then you have probably experimented with others in the search of the one true browser experience.

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Features Night Mode — Changes the color scheme to be less intrusive in weak light conditions No Image — You can opt to save bandwidth by not loading web graphics Private Mode — Web activity is not recorded Page Capture — you can capture screen shots and even crop them Full screen — the browser can maximize the page view Page Scroll — customize controls for scrolling Multiple tabs - keep multiple pages open at the same time Bookmarks — save pages of interest Speed Dial — quickly access frequently visited pages from the home screen I just love how ONE rearranges paragraphs.

Pros Great paragraph re-arrangement.

It quickly rearranges text to fit the width of the screen. admin