Galaxy tab 3 vs ipad 4 mini

Apple vs Samsung in a Mini-Sized Tablet Showdown

So how does the Galaxy Tab 3 stack up against the iPad Mini? Amazon may have ignited the 7-inch tablet market with the original Kindle Fire , but the tablet itself was nothing special.

iPad mini 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (Consumentenbond)

The Kindle Fire was slow, with limited storage on the bare bones version and a lackluster screen. Unfortunately, Samsung's lineup of Galaxy Tab tablets takes more from the original Kindle Fire than the newest models. It is easy to be impressed with the iPad design.

iPad mini 3 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4: Which small tablet to buy?

Apple has focused on making a thin, light, easy-to-hold and easy-to-use tablet. And it shows. In comparison, the Galaxy Tab feels cheap and awkward. Even the layout of the buttons shows a lack of usability, with the suspend button right above the volume buttons, which leads to accidentally suspending the tablet when you just want to crank up the volume. The installation process is easy, with Samsung guiding you through setting up an optional Samsung account, a Google Play account and even a Dropbox account, which is a good idea considering how cloud storage makes the process of sharing files between devices easy.

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The Galaxy Tab also comes with two pages of default apps, including Flipboard, Google, two web browsers, two ways to play movies, a world clock and a separate alarm app. And if that sounds a little bloated, it is. This comparison might depend on user preference, but the specs could make you think twice. The Galaxy Tab S3 runs with the latest Android 7.

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It has a fingerprint touch sensor and stylus, with touch sensitive control keys. Its main body is made of glass. On the other hand, the iPad Mini 4 runs with iOS 9 or 10, which is dependent on its release date.

Its main body is made of aluminum, and at the same time, it has a fingerprint touch sensor. However, the Tab S3 is a bit larger with 9. The Galaxy Tab S3 also has a larger screen size at 9. Nevertheless, both have the same resolution of x pixels.

Compare Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 V vs Apple iPad Mini 4 WiFi 128GB

When it comes to pixel density though, the iPad Mini 4 has higher specs at ppi compared with the ppi of the Galaxy Tab S3. Android 4. As always in these comparisons, one of the biggest differentiating factors is the OS each tablet uses. Early signs suggest that the iPad mini 3 is the weakest tablet update Apple has ever launched. Despite that — and despite our rave review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.

That the iPad mini 3 is only the slightest smidgen better is besides the point when it comes to a straight up comparison. Best Tablets to buy Home Opinion.

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